Corey Powell

Senior Colorist

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Any Hollywood golden worth her blonde locks knows Corey Powell,” – Us Weekly

Corey Powell is a passionate and dedicated colorist with over thirty years of experience using the balayage technique to transform his clients’ hair. He is the man behind Margot Robbie’s “Must have hair color” Harper’s Magazine and Michelle Monaghan’s golden chestnut tresses.

Corey Powell has been a Hollywood main stay since his early 20’s when he was apprenticing for Jose Eber on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.” Eber had created the “Farrah Fawcett” and Corey was responsible for maintaining it on set. Years later, Corey styled Cameron Diaz’s look in the 2000 movie remake “Charlie’s Angels” and the 2003 sequel, “Full Throttle.” He styled the one and only, Elizabeth Taylor, for the legendary White Diamonds advertising campaign and also created Debra Messing’s signature look on Will and Grace.

Corey is proud to have worked with the industry’s most celebrated photographers, Mario Testino, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibowvitz, and biggest stars, Hilary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Toni Colette, Kate Hudson, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Cameron Diaz and Rene Zellweger. He has been featured as an expert in Elle, Allure, In Style, Daily Candy LA, W Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, People, In Touch and Us Weekly.

As Corey says “Healthy hair is sexy hair. Blonde, red or brunette, as long as I can make my clients feel good they will look gorgeous!