Amanda Shuttleworth

Senior Stylist

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With a career that started at the tender age of 13, Amanda Shuttleworth can teach almost any hairdresser a thing or two. Growing up in a small town near the UK city of Manchester, Amanda took the first steps on the journey that would eventually take her around the world. Moving from her local salon, to work for the then biggest name in hairdressing, Amanda secured a position at Vidal Sassoon. Her 15 years at the company took her across Europe and America as an educator responsible for launching the careers some of the best-known names in hairdressing today.Having settled in LA, she now spends most of her time working with the clients that she loves. As a celebrity hairstylist Amanda has had many successes, from A list actors and actresses to rock and roll legends, there is nothing she hasn’t conquered. However, it’s with the everyday clients that she finds the most joy, and whether she is transforming them with extensions or simply giving them a fresh new haircut Amanda truly embraces every encounter.Amanda is a very important part of the Benjamin with Negin Zand Salon, and can always be found putting a smile on someone’s face.